High-technology food storage will ensure the sustainable growth of a company on the domestic and global markets

Shelf-life extension is a key question in the production, transportation and further sale of food products.

Modern warehouse-refrigerator is the solution in the following cases:

  • warehouse-refrigerators for dairy products, cheese and sausages;
  • warehouse-refrigerators for fruits and vegetables;
  • banana maturing chambers;
  • shock freezers for meat, fish, dumplings, fruits, berries, vegetables and mushrooms.
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A block diagram shows major components of the control system of the refrigerating / freezing chambers.

Operate the technology through the single interface locally or remotely, from your smartphone, tablet or notebook.

Combine technological processes of growing and  harvesting,  storing and selling food products wholesale and retail.

Receive loss and profit reports to simplify calculation of your product costs.

Enhance your capacities through the automated transfer of data on the product amount and condition to the database or online store.

Transform technological process into the single digital interface at each stage

Monitor the refrigerated warehouse on the main screen, and namely:

  • data of electric power metering;
  • the selected control mode and the selected season;
  • visualisation of each separate refrigerating chamber.

Change the product type, the number of days of product storage in the refrigerating chamber, operate the system through the menu “Settings”, “Charts” and “Error Log”.

Check out the pictograms
Now you can choose a product for storage

Change the product cooling technology in the chamber on your own according to the needs and the season.

Press “Choice of product” in the menu and choose the product storage technology. The controller will automatically set the recommended modes of temperature, humidity and other conditions.

Optimize, modify and create custom settings

Press the button “Settings” on the mail screen:

  • from the pop-up menu choose the mode of system control: “manual”, “automatic” and “mixed”;
  • choose the season: summer, winter and off-season;
  • by pressing the “Сooling Mode Settings” and “Lighting Mode Settings”, go to setting the appropriate modes;
  • review “Configuration Change Log”.
Adjust the modes for peak power reduction and distribution  

This menu offers flexibility in the system work settings.

Get separate settings for each season mode (summer, winter and off-season).

Use independent setting for the cooling and lighting system modes.

Monitor changes brought to the system by you and your operators in the setting

Review configuration change log where each change in settings is recorded and archived.

Analysis of the configuration change log will allow to improve the system work.

Constant analysis and accurate reporting improves the product and ensures the proper food storage

Press the button “Charts” on the main screen.

Review trends in real time and download the reports.

The data analysis will allow to track the system behaviour and product condition under different storage conditions as well as gain experience working with certain products.

Receive the emergency messages and repair your equipment in time to prevent loss of product

Go to the menu “Error Log” on the mail screen.

Errors and warnings are displayed in the red and yellow colours, respectively.

The error log is archived by the controller.

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  • Analyse and improve operation algorithms of your enterprise using logs and trends.
  • Respond to emergency SMS messages in time.
  • Operate the system anywhere and anytime with IOS, Android, Windows.
  • Facilitate the reporting on the product condition and its amount, the state of equipment and maintenance needs; allow to do it automatically.
Take advantage of innovative technologies application and get better results with less efforts according to the principle 80/20
reduction of production costs
increase in equipment utilization
improved product quality and increased product cost