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Digital transformation
Automation solutions: ERP, MES, APCS, ADCS, Smart City, BMS
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Audit, design, installation
of electrical networks, systems and devices
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Energy & Automation
Our solutions

Digital Transformation / Automation
For industrial enterprises we offer such turnkey solutions as ERP, MES, automated process control system (APCS), automated dispatch control system (ADCS). Smart City system will improve the city and country infrastructure. With the help of BMS we integrate all engineering systems of the building.

We offer production of low voltage distribution systems and automation cabinets: lead-in distributors up to 5000 A, main switchboards, automatic failover switches, power factor compensation, automated commercial electricity metering system (ACEMS), automated technical electricity metering system, local equipment for data collecting and processing, low voltage switchgears, motor control center (MCC), automated process control system, BMS.

Power supply systems
Solutions for distribution and transformation systems of medium and low voltage electricity, diesel generators and UPS, internal power supply and electric lighting, external electric lighting, grounding and lightning protection.

Energy service
We provide energy services covering electricity and heat networks, water supply and drainage systems, climate systems of the building.

Facility maintenance
We perform maintenance of power supply and electric lighting systems, APCS, ADCS, Smart City, BMS systems.
Our partners (manufacturers)

We use software and equipment from leading manufacturers:

Про нас

Our company was founded in 2016. We are a system integrator of digital transformation, automation, power supply and energy service solutions.

  • 35 customers trust us;
  • 100% of required licenses, permits and certificates;
  • 60 completed projects;
  • we implement energy-saving solutions;
  • we are a partner for successful results.

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Last testimonial


We express our gratitude to EA SOLUTIONS LLC for the technical re-equipment of the pump drive units and turbine-driven blower of the ore dressing plant №2 on a turnkey basis. One of the project results is reduction of electric energy consumption by 30% which allows to save 115 th.kW*/h per month.”

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Head of the Energy Management Department
K.A. Savchuk

Our clients